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Quality Sleep and Menopause

Menopause has many associated symptoms and dramatic changes to sleep pattern is frequently one of them.

A night without good quality sleep can be so debilitating.

For quite a few going through the menopause, regrettably, this can be the case.

Its cruel, it is exhausting.

The following day you’d planned to do so many things and now seems a million miles away as you energy levels drain without a good restful night’s sleep.

A single night without sleep can make anyone a bit grumpy and feeling low.

When that is mixed with the frequent mood changes that can go with menopause, it’s a recipe for a ‘bad-day’ and can affect personal life, work performance and job satisfaction.

Acupressure and points to help sleep.

There are a number of acupoints that may help getting you over to sleep.

Here, I’m going to share two easy to find and use acupoints.

One of the acupoints has a name that sounds perfectly suited to finding sleep and rest.

#1 The Sea of Tranquillity

#2 Yintang

The Sea of Tranquillity is credited with:

“Relieves anxiety, anguish, calming and stress reduction.”

It is also credited with assisting hormonal imbalances, which for menopausal women is a great benefit.

It may help prepare the body and mind for sleep and rest.

Yintang is credited with:

“Calms the spirit in the treatment of insomnia, anxiety and agitation”

It also helps with sinus and congestion.

How to locate?

The Sea of Tranquillity is in the centre of the breastbone, hence its other name – Chest Centre.

Simply place 3 fingers on the vertical midline of the breastbone in the centre and you may feel a tiny little dip, that is the Sea of Tranquillity.

Hold for one to two minutes while contacting Yintang.

Menopause CV17 as a sleep aid
CV17 as Sleep aid

Yintang is even easier to locate.

It is also know as the Third Eye point and is mid-way between the eyebrows.

Menopause and Yintang as a sleep aid.
Yintang as Sleep aid

How long to contact the points?

Simply contact these points for 1-2 minutes simultaneously and feel your breathing become rhythmical and deeper.

There is no massage or pressure needed, simply good skin to skin contact is best.

Golden Hint:

When this is combined with Lower and Middle Tan Dien the results are usually great.

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The Kinesiology Guy | Specialising as The Menopause Coach

Disclaimer: This article is for educational and informational purposes only, it is not intended to replace medical advice.