What is Kinesiology?

In this section we will look at what Kinesiology is…

What Kinesiology Is…


Kinesiology is… a bespoke, personalised, individual holistic treatment therapy.

Come along and see for yourself.

Kinesiology is… a holistic therapy which uses muscle response testing to measure the motor response of the central nervous system to a sensory challenge. By doing this, imbalances can be determined and methods to rebalance the body can be indicated.

This sounds very complex, the actual testing is much simpler, easy to do and understand.


Bespoke & Personalised






Holistic Therapy


Dedicated to YOU

Here is some more of what kinesiology is…


Kinesiology is… a holistic therapy that is dedicated to you. Each treatment session has you at its centre core for creating a holistic therapy plan.

This is quite difficult to explain unless you’ve had a session, if you had, you’d know how it can only be dedicated to you, about you and for you.

That is why I offer a FREE 20-minute pre-treatment consultation and ‘taster session’ so that you can experience the ‘kinesiology way of doing things’ for yourself.

Kinesiology is… both a study of muscles and a therapy based on the test and response of a muscle.

In kinesiology we test the muscles and thanks to the great research carried out by Dr. George Goodheart and others, we are able to understand the linkages between the muscles to the Meridian and acupressure system. This opens up the Ancient Chinese Healing Arts as a vital part of your therapeutic plan.

Kinesiology is… an amazing blend of East and West. From the East we get the healing arts of Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupressure with its overall philosophy of holistic healing, as well as other aspects of healing.

From the West we draw on the sciences of anatomy and nutrition.

This combination of knowledge and deep understanding of the body’s natural healing mechanisms within itself is an amazing way to help the body and mind restore health, vitality and wellness.

Kinesiology is… a very personalised therapy, when testing a person, we are checking out that individual person in a bespoke treatment plan tailored to suit their needs.

The response of each muscle test carried out on you, is in itself, an indicator of what is happening in the body and mind. From this unique individual responsive muscle testing we develop a treatment plan unique to you.

Kinesiology is… a wellness therapy based on the response of the muscle test to a particular input as part of a test. For example, kinesiology is well known for food testing. This is where we check if a food is good for you or taking energy away.

It has to be said the best way to get this is to experience it. I could chat all day about muscle testing, the reality is until you try it, it is hard to get.

Kinesiology is… a non-intrusive testing system using your own innate knowledge about yourself and muscle response to promote health, wellness and vitality in mind and body.

As I said earlier, Kinesiology is… a bespoke, personalised, individual holistic treatment therapy.

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