About Me

A little about Kieran, a personal story

My introduction to Kinesiology came at a price…

I discovered Systematic Kinesiology as a result of a back injury in January 1999 and was being lined up for back surgery.

Even though the x-rays didn’t show anything, the Doctors basically said, “we’ll go in anyway” – and I thought “No you WILL NOT”.

There had to be a way to help before going down the surgical route. As a direct result of Kinesiology treatments, I was free from severe back pain within about 4-5 weeks.

Astounded by this result I decided to learn Kinesiology and started a class in April ‘99.

So, to back track for a moment.

In January 1999, there was another major factor to my overall health…I was grossly overweight at about 17st or 238lbs or 108kg, whatever way ye look at it, I was in bad shape and in a bad way. That was January’99, by August ‘99, I’d lost over 30% of my body weight and my back was in good order, I felt great emotionally, mentally and had a new ‘spring in my step’.

All this only served to heighten my interest in the benefits of Kinesiology even more.

Realising how much potential lay in Kinesiology, I wanted to share this with as many others as possible and became a practitioner and instructor in 2001 – giving up a regular 9-5 job of 18 years.

Me before 1999

In 1995 completed a Professional Housing diploma with commendation, and looked like I was going to have the traditional management career path.

Around the same time my young son developed asthma, not being happy with the thought of a 4yr old taking steroids, I sought another opinion.

I found a doctor who also did homeopathy, which is rare where I live.

Within a short time, the asthma went.

I also had a long standing interest in all things natural and especially essential oils, as these oils had helped me with recurring chest infections and the time between antibiotics was getting shorter and shorter.

Do you think they were working? I didn’t and found essential oils a great benefit.

After reading a lot about essential oils I met a lady called Grace, who later became a great friend and mentor, it was Grace who encouraged me to start an aromatherapy diploma in 1997.

The following year (‘98) I started diplomas in both Reflexology and Body Massage.

I was still doing these diplomas when in January 1999, the 5th of January to be exact, that I injured my back and led me to find kinesiology.

A New Millennium – A New Meaning in Life

By the year 2000 I left the job I had been in for 18-years and started a new career path in holistic healthcare.

Wanting to help others and to share my experience, I began teaching Kinesiology almost right away and have always enjoyed sharing the information about Kinesiology with other people so they can look after their own natural health care.

Now a days

During a session with clients, I will often share some techniques that you can use for yourself between treatments and I find that ‘sharing’ helps their progress, especially if it is a mother working with children.

For what to expect in a Kinesiology session, click here.

If you would like to discover more about how kinesiology may be able to help you, book a FREE 20-minute taster session and we can see if kinesiology is a good fit for you.

My Vision

My vision is to help share the word about Kinesiology, its benefits and how it may assist people, just like you and me. We start by first finding ‘imbalances’ and then correcting those imbalances to restore balance in everyday health and wellness, both physically, emotionally and energy levels.

Kinesiology embraces the philosopies of East and West in our healing apporach. The West gives us the sciences of good nutrition and the East for it’s philosophies in healing.

Lifestyle is probably the biggest single factor in achieving Health, Wellness and good energy levels.

I love teaching Kinesiology courses. Different courses for different needs or levels of interest are available.

The Foundation Course can be used in the family as self-care, or used by other health care professionals in their clinic.

The Diploma is a full professional qualification.

My Practice


Conveniently located near Forestside, but not close enough to get caught up in the traffic jams. Also available for online consultations.

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